The Art of Staying Busy

One of the things that happens when we end a relationship is that we become a bit of a loner.  We go through moments of wallowing in sadness, or the times we cry hard and loud.  These activities are a necessary part of moving forward, but they have to end.

Going through what I have over the past months, I found myself sitting at home alone on most nights exercising my most self-destructive skills.  Some time last week, it hit me like a ton of bricks, that I was losing myself in solitude.  I made the conscious decision to make myself more social.


I joined a bowling league and had so much fun.  Additionally, I signed up for a course on how to market art, attended a BBQ, signed up for a hike in Vermont, thinking about doing a ragnar race and a few other things.

The thing that will save me from myself is to be more involved in living.




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