Making Changes

Today would’ve been my 14th wedding anniversary.

I’m not upset about this, it is what it is,  but the marriage ended and we’ve moved on.  This date always makes me reevaluate where I am in life.

I’ve found myself in a deep depression with little hope for the future.  A truly dire situation.  I can see myself spiraling and heading straight for rock bottom if I don’t make a change.  I’ve never wanted to be this person, but 40 years later I have to admit that I am not happy.

My plan is to start small and work my way up to big things.  It’s time for a radical change.  Up to this point, I’ve let life happen always thinking that it was going to be awful.  That is no way to live.  Since I’ve lived in a routine for so long, and this hasn’t worked, I need to do new and completely different things.  Out of the box things.  Uncomfortable things.  Scary things.

Traditional methods have not worked up to now, so I’m going the nontraditional route.  Think massage, hypnosis, diet changes, chiropractic work.  Nontraditional.  I’ve got nothing to lose and a life to gain.


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