Executive Decision: Residence

Capture 1I have not decided where home is.  Is it people, is it infrastructure?  Both, perhaps?  I struggle with this question every time my lease is up for renewal.  My apartment has served me well over the past 3 years; great location, safe, covered parking, excellent view, but my commute is awful and my rent is too high.

I don’t feel like moving is the best decision for the Bean and I, but it doesn’t keep the internal struggle from happening.  The truth is that I struggle with the fact that there is nothing that really holds me to this place.  I have few friends, albeit wonderful ones, and a decent job.  Love is lacking, bad memories were made here…Donald Trump could win the presidency.  All real issues.

Most days I resign myself to the fact that I am going to stay in MA for the long haul, but there is something out there that I crave.  What?  I’ll know when I find it.  It just isn’t here.  However, in the next couple of months I am likely going to sign a new lease with my place.  That will be the start of year 4.  I truly never thought I would stay in one place I didn’t own this long.

Oh well, I know it will all fall into place.


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